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This evening, my sister called me. She'd just come out of her school's prize-giving day and she was mad she didn't get any awards. Honestly, she had reason to be mad. This year, she worked super duper hard, and got grades to show for it, pretty much 100% on every test, or 97% on the 'bad' days. So, she figured at least one of those perfect grades had to count for something. But they didn't.
"Not even an acknowledgement of my hard work. I really really tried this year", she said.   The thing is, this was a rant and we both knew it. Despite her hardwork, we both knew that her not getting the award meant it went to someone even more deserving. Still, it sucked. And that's how adulting feels.

There are days I feel like I've worked so soo hard and something slips right out of my grasp, and I have no one to blame. Sometimes I try to blame myself, but I soon realize there's no point crying over spilled milk. Other days I want to yell, "ARE …

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