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Is She Really "Beautiful" or Are You Just Lazy?

This weekend has me feeling some type ofChimamandaway about the word "beautiful".
Being mothers' day weekend, I've heard the word "beautiful" thrown around carelessly more than usual. It's  like we become mentally lazy when giving women compliments. We think, "Women like to be called beautiful, and it's a word that is generally endearing." I don't doubt that many women enjoy being called beautiful, but it's demeaning when it's used in situations where there's so much more to be celebrated, where beauty obviously played no part in the achievement of success.
It's the curse of a patriarchal society that we've somehow forgotten that words that apply to men, can and often should apply to women too. So I thought I'd help a little.  For the next time you want to praise a woman in your life for something that she didn't use her face or good looks to earn, here are a few words that might apply:   HardworkingTenaciou…

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