Ground-breaking! :)

Hey guys!

That feels like I'm talking to myself because know I have no readers/subscribers/followers (I'm a JJC aka newbie to blogging terms as well x_x).

Okay, I'm not sure what this is meant to be, but I'm here because I'm tired of talent hunting. You know, searching for that one thing you're such a "Geeee" at doing. Yeah that. I've been on the witch-hunt for too long. So the other day, I was just like you know you could be talent hunting for the rest of your life ehn sister? You might as well start something you do effortlessly (oh yeah! I talk to myself in second person POV. I'm awesome like that: D)

Time for a pretty chilled story: Once upon a time, I'd write stuff (like random rants) and people would enjoy them (at least not die of boredom reading them). But now, I don't even know where I stand on that. All the same, I believe I'm a better critic than writer but I know I'm best at ranting: D. I could be the gold medalist in Olympic ranting!

Well, I was never overly social either, but at least I wasn't this bad (I haven't gone for any event since prom, I'm in 2nd yr. of uni. atm).  I'm that one friend who'd rather watch a movie on her laptop than go to the cinema (assuming such people even exist). No, I have been to the cinema post-high school, but I wouldn't mind waiting till its out on putlocker. So essentially, asides school and church, I do nothing. So I have nothing to say in that awkward moment when you meet someone and they want to know what you do for fun..err "I actually just sleep".

Anyways, before I lose you, so I decided to write again. Nothing serious, just plain writing. Not as a journal, trust me you don't wanna be my journal. I'd like to believe my journal changed its own password cuz all of a sudden I can't remember the password (my life must have been that #deep *real tears*).

Okay that's enough random rants. While I'll be writing whatever I please on here, I'd love to please Christ in all I do. Also cuz, I've found witnessing pretty hard, so this is what I can do. I'm hoping, I'll be a channel of blessing to people. Hence this blog must glorify God's name at every point in time. I'm not apologizing if you don't like that. That's like liking me, but not liking my head (which I might understand actually as I have a 'great' head..God took His time in creating me wonderfully). So yeah if you like me and you don't like my head I can't hide it in a cap or scarf cuz that just makes it 'greater' and if I slice it, I cease to be me. I'm not even sure what that has to do with anything, but it made sense at the beginning. I’ll try harder to be cohesive. Until then fellas..

Yours in rants!
4pcee..(NO not 'four- p-c-ee', more like 'fopsy' ;))


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