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Hey guys!

Today's rants(actually yesterday) were birthed out of pure boredom. And you're probably like "Did she honestly just say 'birthed'? Yes I did, deal with it: p. I think 'birthed', 'thus', 'thou' and the likes of those are very old school, so they count as  'vintage'. And since pearls and grandma blouses are super expensive and somewhat cool - just because they're vintage- I like to think using vintage words make me cool. Fopsy induction there! Yes, I was a great PHI1101 student. I loved philosophy because it made me think a lot. And I like thinking, because it makes me feel smart (don't judge please)!

Okay, I strayed again. I guess that's why they are rants right? Overly organized thoughts would make it a speech.

My resolution/goal I hope to achieve in 2013 is to finish reading my Bible. And I already doubt my ability to do it. I'm quite the reader, and I realized how small the Bible is compared to the numerous books I've read. But for some reason, I'm still not done reading it. It feels like it's going to be a great task, considering that the bible doesn't exactly have a single story line whose end you just can't wait to get to. Or wait does it? Story time!

It's kind of like a helpless lover's tale. He's so in love when they first meet, He just can't take His eyes off her. All goes well for a while, but then she decides His love isn't just enough and would rather do the one thing He detests - fraternize with the enemy. He's so heart-broken that she would even think of hurting him so much. Long story short, they part ways. 

He misses her a lot and somewhere along the line they reconnect (maybe They start talking again, but things are just not the same. It's kind of like talking to someone you used to know. Of course there'll be things you still know about them (maybe even like), but there might be huge differences that just make your worlds totally different. So except this gap between Him and His love is bridged, He would have to forget about her. But nooo!  Letting go wasn't even an option, because this love was skiiiiiiin deeeeeep! ( you have to sing that in a mighty high key and then go off-key to feel me! Sorry I'm in one of those my high-on-sugar moods. 

Back to the story. Well, He knew she was sorry, and He was still very much in love with her, so He was willing to try again. All that was left was to save her from her ways (yes, she was prone to foolishness) and wipe away all records of her wrong doings. He thought what better way to do this than to get her a name change (kinda like a fake ID, except it's real! Awesome much eh?). This name change wasn't ordinary though, it was a whole process. Pretty stressful, but psssh! She was totally worth it. He first had to find someone who was void of guilt, whom He trusted and who understood the depth of His love for this lady. This person would be in charge of the 'refining process' and would set things right.
And when all was done, she would finally be His again, and He, hers. If she would just say 'Yes' to His offer (John 3:16). 

And then they would live hapillllly eveeer after...

(Wouldn't it just be awfully cruel of her to say no??)

I just summarized the Gospel to you in form of a love story. There just might be a Schonda Rhimes in me ;) ;).

Back to me...Now here's the thing. You need to be a 'fresh story' to really grip me. I feel like I'm gonna get lazy and find excuses for starting and stopping. Maybe I'll deprive myself of skittles till I'm done. Urghh!!! Skittles jail, not cool :(. But thank God, God's word doesn't get stale, there's something fresh every time, so I'll look forward to that.

Alright fellas, it's been nice talking to y'all. Have an amazing Christmas! Don't forget the reason for the season: Jesus was born that He might die in place of you and I, for the redemption of our souls!

Merry Christmas, God is still in love with you, say Yes to Him please ;)

4pcee (pronounced Fopsy)


  1. Beautiful work Fope! I admire ur use or words and Schonda Rhimes should watch out... Fope is honing her skills!

  2. Amazing fope, love the concept of this story


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