Impeccable timing!


Like I can't just get enough of God's timing!  I'm still pretty new to blogging and you guys probably haven't heard me mouth about how amazing God's ways are, but if I have any twitter stalkers, I guess they'd know.

So today (now last year) I was going through BG's YouTube videos. I've been watching her videos since 2010 and I've always had a way of connecting with her. Well except the height and mighty age difference (hehe) I think we could be twins..okay I'll settle for sisters.

Today I was just admiring the awesome work she had done with her weight loss. She's had two beautiful kids, and boy, is she in great shape! I've never been pregnant and she's doing better at fitness than I am. I do the whole self-pity thing where I whine about how I've never been skinny, how everyone at least has an "I remember when I had abs.." that kinda thing, but not me. So yeah, I was just looking at her pictures and listening to her motivational words and I got motivated. So I started searching for her workout schedule, but in the process, I found some of her other videos - strictly Christian advice/great encouragement. I was gonna skip them cuz well I've seen most of them before (been a fan for 2yrs-ish), but then I decided to let them play. Well no, I just forgot to stop them and they were in a playlist, so they played on. I couldn't have been any more grateful for the timing of the accidentally watched videos. They were totally timely for my early-life crisis..x_x
(Here's the link to the playlist.)

And then yesterday, my day was preetty much a drag. So much so that I miss my annoying sister :(. She at least had gist or a question from the moon for me. All be it 10-yr old baby gist, it was someone to keep me company, a distraction from the 6090mi that bug my life.. and blah bla. I also went from having a super full house (9 people, mine and my uncle's fam) to having just my super quiet daddy and me, and now just me. Then thoughts of school starting -_-. Let's just say it wasn't exactly the most exciting night.

 So I was there, somewhere between sad, bored and pretty lonely and my mind was crossing "boundaries." An idle mind they say, is the devil's workshop. It felt like he was even expanding his workshop to a factory size! In an attempt to stop the expansion,  I decided to rant a bit before bed to give my mind something useful to do...but I didn't post.

Now to the real today! Guess what the Open Heavens title for today was?? "Are you lonely?"was the title. LOL!  It was a typical "Lord are you kidding me right now" kinda moment. I was just smiling to myself. Sooo,  You knew in advance and then decided to  make today's devotional meet that need. Why, thanks!

Reading on, I see stuff like "Satan likes to keep company with those who are lonely",  "Secret sins thrive in lonely moments. Psalm 19:12", " Also watch your mind gate. Do not just allow any thought to play on your mind." And I'm just like thank you Lord for the timely intervention!

There were more words of wisdom from Pastor E.A Adeboye, feel free to hang on to them if the words are for you. :) "Equally watch your body; it may become pushier, trying to compel you  to fumble with it through masturbation when you are lonely. Equally keep your taste buds in check as they may begin to crave liquor or beer at those lonely times." And in ending remarks, he says, "When people are around, be on your guard. But when no one is around, increase your spiritual vigilance." No extra words needed.

Aii fellas, my $0.02, God is awesome and His timing: mwah!



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