I promise, I promise..

Picture perfect. Those were the words most of my guests had described my wedding day as.

I might as well have been dipped in diamonds. I glowed from head to toe. Vera Wang had custom made my wedding dress to perfection. So much that Louis (my ever broke friend who had turned gay because he just couldn't deal with girlfriends and their extravagantness) became a believer in my one occasion dress that was worth a lifetime of savings for many. My amazing aunt had provided Dink and I with Audi's latest model as a "small" wedding present. Dink had just gotten promoted and was now fourth in command of my father's multi-million dollar company. Yes, we were more than able to afford the mansion we called home in Banana Island.

I broke my hymen in grand style in Burj Al Arab, Dubai. My cheeks now burn as I remember how hard it was to convince Dink that my "cookie" wouldn't decay from being in the jar for so long! Ha those days were...hmm, words just won't do justice to the life I had envisioned for myself.

Dink! His weird name was surely the first thing I noticed. I had signed up to volunteer at some Multiple Sclerosis society event, out of boredom and as a penance. They say bad things come in three's, but my case was definitely extreme enough to beat the norm. I was pretty sure God and Karma had merged sides just to punish me. So I was volunteering, and doing whatever I felt would right my wrongs.

The name just happened to be unusual enough to drag me out of my thoughts that dayI laughed so hard when I saw it right above the line I was to write my name.

"Really? That's the best your parents could do?" I thought to myself. "Dick", LOL, maybe they didnt want you.   I was just going to take a picture to tweet my rare find, when I realized it was an "n" not a "c". Hence, "Dink" not "Dick". Oh well, I was wrong.

Trust my nosiness to 'casually glance' at the name tags on the day of the event. I'm not stalking, but if I happen to find you that'll be fun. My 'glances' paid, off as I found Monsieur Dink close to the coffee stand.

"Interesting name you've got there sir" I said to him with my best shot at stifling the laughter that was all but out. Just in case he was some uptight dude who couldn't stomach a joke, I had to add the 'sir'. Kind of the way an "Lol" might neutralize the effect of a stinging comment. Thankfully he wasn't the uptight kind.

"Nice fake hair you've got there ma'am" he replied.

 Ouch. Yes I hadn't bothered brushing my 3-week old Indian-hair fringe. At least my weave tracks were well covered and it was supposed to be in a messy bun. Even at that, there's no way he knew just by staring at me that it wasn't my hair. My leave out was in place,  no wind had blown to... "No, the hair's fine. I just have an issue with Black girls and fake hair, like you with my name" he said with a smirk, interrupting my thoughts. The conversation dragged on for a while and well, one thing led to another and we went out for drinks at the end of the day.

That was five years ago. I later found out he had had this black girl whose hair "came off" during sex and let's just say he was scarred for life.

He was a great guy. The super smart kind that made my 3.5/4GPA look like crap. Loved me and all. Was sort of a Christian. At least he would tick that part of the form if it came to that. And honestly, at that time, that was good enough for me.

 Four years later he put a ring on it. And ooooo his vows! Melted me from the inside outI remember it like it was yesterday.

"To love and to cherish. .
I promise. I promise
To make more than an effort.
To do the best I can, to make you the best I can
To go beyond the best I can, because with my will, I not only 'can', but I will.
I'll do what I say I'll do.
Because He who taught me to, would do just that.

I promise. I promise.
To keep my promise
even when 'promise' ceases to have meaning
I'll love you with my all"

Well, that was the man I married. I'm not so sure who the beast that did this to me is..

------to be continued----

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If you're still lost, here's why: in my last post,  I said I was gonna try something else, this is the kind of thing



  2. What fun would it be if you knew the end from the beginning? :P

  3. Oppressive men and winchi winchi women! lol i love this blogpost.

  4. Nice work..... This is impressive

  5. Really interesting piece of work


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