Something Else

Hello people!

I've been thinking of what to rant about for a while now. Not that I ever run out of rants..LOL. But I've heard excessive bants destroy relationships. I like what we've got going here. You know it' not really you it's more of me. You've been very supportive and all (thank you), but I agreed I'd be honest that's why it's called TBH- to be honest. So maybe we'll try another approach. Here's what I think, tell me what you think.

There are a lot of blogs with peoples' rants and talk and feelings and what not (no, no, calm down, I just started, I'm not quitting yet). But I want to be regular at this, make it more than a monthly thing. So I was thinking of doing short little stories or sth. Maybe not stories but I'll hold a thought for like 3-10 blogposts or however long the inspiration lasts. 

Plus, judging from my pageviews, I guess people liked my last post "Hey Lil Trouble maker" ( . I have those kind of thoughts every time, so I could just put them to use.

Good? bad? we've got enough shows outchea, hold up lady we good? LOL. That's my way of saying what do you think.

You guys are sorta my "ogas at the top", gats hear form you from time to time J



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