You could think stuff up for a living!

Hey guys!

I know I'm in the middle of my story telling, but I really felt like ranting.

I'm not sure if I ever mentioned this, but Shonda Rhimes' twitter bio was the final push that got me to start this blog. I think then, it was "I make up stuff for a living." She recently added some extra words to ward off crazy fans who took the"made-up stuff" too far. Not that I blame them though; it was kind of hard not to shed some tears when McSteamy died in Grey's Anatomy :'(.  I liked his sly ways and fine face; it wouldn't have hurt to keep him alive.

Anyway, really think about it. Shonda literally just sits there or stands or I dunno, squats there (whatever rocks her writing man's boat) and thinks up amazing stuff. And she gets paid for it. I know it's more than that, she probably has to deal with editors,  film makers and whoever else is involved in bringing the "cool thoughts" to life. But the point is, she really does think stuff up for a living!

The other day, Oprah came to my city. It made the headlines of our local paper. I'm not really a fan, so I didn't bother reading the story. But knowing she's worth about three billion bucks, in my head I was like "Oh hey Oprah, fancy leaving your wallet at my house while you cruise around town?" Not that she'd even notice it was gone anyway.  That was weeks ago and I had all but forgotten about her visit. But today in church, my pastor's wife was like "did you know people went to watch Oprah talk for $700?" That. Just. Made. Me. Sit up. Mouth ajar!

She literally just opened her mouth and spoke and people spent a month's rent plus hydro and internet bill to go listen! But then I thought again, hey Fopsy, you're not too far yourself. People spend a few minutes reading your rants too, cuz you're amaziiing just the way you are!  Thanks for sticking with me guys. You're awesome!

But yeah, moral of the story is, tick-tock, you'll be dead and gone soon.  Do something worthwhile while you have the time. Lots of emphasis on the "worthwhile" part.

I don't know how to say this part without famzing.  But yeah, my not-so-friend / second friendly face I met in my Canadian high school has this fashion design thing going on. I think she first started with sketches and drawings and a blog of those before she went all out. And she's doing so well now (at least I think so). See for yourself There are others who are trying to rap too..LOL. But who knows, maybe Lecrae started that way too.

Not everyone is going to use that Engineering or Medicine degree. If you really don't want to be a doctor and you don't have the sky high grades for it, it's not too late to save your parents the Lamborghini Aventador's worth of money that they'll blow on international school fees. If there's something else you truly find interesting and you have some talent to back it up, think about it and go for it! Switch majors, add that second major or minor and be a pro at it.

If you're too scared to "come out" to your parents/sponsors,  think of the thousands of people who have a genuine passion for that degree someone chose for you. Those guys will probably be better at thrilling employers with their enthusiasm and passion for the job.
And then think of me . When I initially said I wanted to study Psych, my folks were like "se o fe maa mu garri lojojumo ni?"  Except for those who can back garri up with nicely smoked chicken/fish and groundnut, garri (cassava flakes) isn't a king's meal.  They were essentially asking me if I wanted to reel in poverty for the rest of my life, because Psychology isn't really big in Nigeria. But that was 3 years ago.  Now they've come around and are super supportive.

I know not everyone gets this lucky, but you could always try, ask God to help you convince them if it's His will. If it fails, try again!



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