Something new ..Again

I didn't think it was possible to get bored this summer. I'm working for most of the day so I guessed I'd be totally fagged out by the end of the day. But that hasn't been the case as you probably already figured. So I’m looking for new hobbies that don't cost money or fat. Yeah, I considered cake tasting. The idea was to find brides who need someone to taste out food and cakes for their Not that I'm some connoisseur of food or something, but I can at least tell you that if you must put raisins in cakes, they should be well ground and not be visible enough to mess the cake up. Urgh, raisin-ed cakes pissed me off a lot as a child! I had to sit down with each cake slice to uproot the raisins.

Anyways, since I can't go around eating cakes, I thought of taking fancy pictures. But unfortunately, the full camera I'd like to get, (+ extra lenses and a tripod stand) would put a frown on my account; therefore I'll be working with the available things (:) .

I've always thought tracts were way too long. I've never read a complete tract. First of all it's usually typed in ridiculously tiny font and then it's like 2-4 pages front and back. C'mon! It’s the jet age and if something isn't fast enough to get to its point, we get rid of it. So I thought I'd start one to two line tracts.  For now they'll be online and can be shared everywhere. Well, virtually the whole world is online, so it should work. I plan on making a new one available every week and I'm super open to ideas. It could be anything from words of encouragement to paraphrased scripture or even scripture word for word. While paraphrasing though, we need to be super cautious and not blaspheme. Being open to ideas, involves openness to criticism too, even if it's negative. 

This new project would be going under the hash-tag (#) #Tractoftheweek and you could add something from the tract itself like this week's own #Jesusloves you. It's that simple.

This is kind of the unofficial- official launching. So I'm just using this opportunity to join hands with you guys and to pray that by the reason of this tract, lives will be saved, hope will be restored and God's word will be spread in Jesus Name..Amen.

 Feel free to skip my rants and just share the tract itself. Please try to keep the hash tag #Tractoftheweek.

Let the sharing begin!


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