I've had a lot of amazing weekends in the little while I've spent on earth, but there's one I won't be forgetting anytime soon; it was the weekend of Live it Loud 2013 - RCCG Canada's young adult and singles conference with the theme "In His Presence".

There really is something amazing about God's presence.

I was going to write something similar to this after  this year's RCCG general convention that William McDowell performed at in Mississauga, but I somehow didn't get to it. I guess this is how it feels to be in an inexplicable high! Yes for all 3 days of the conference; it was that fantastic! The sermons were on for quite a while during some sessions- I'm talking about over 3 hours, which in young adult language is almost equal to a few decades few years- but still, we were in no rush to leave!

It was the perfect mix of soul-soothing music, Christian theology, comedy and gospel at every single session! For chocaholics like me, you could think of it as a blend of cookie-dough ice cream, oreo/brownie crumbles plus strawberry topping, nicely fudged by a Diary Queen/ Cold Stone specialist...and somehow omitting the fat.

Even morning devotion was power packed!  Like a TEDtalk with God at the center. We had talks that weren't packed with the usual anonymous questions about "why we shouldn't have premarital sex", there was insightful gist with actual youth pastors or at least pastors with their youthful  spirits, which of course adds the juice to the whole message. Then the praise and worship sessions were nice and very well diversified! There was just something about hearing new worship songs, having different styles of worship and  being around other young people who love God.  "Freedom" (Eddie James') song was the jam of the event! It was Uche Agwu (one of the guest ministers for the event) who first led it, and he did so with so much energy that even now when I listen to it I can't help but sing along with excitement as I remember how much salvation has bought for me! We'd literally dance around while scream-singing "Freeeeeeedom Free-eedom". It sounds somewhat bizarre now, but I tell you it was a  lovely experience! Oh and the band's performance during the formal dinner was just beautiful! It started out feeling like I was at a live Prince of Egypt show and then things just kept getting better. Then there was the amazing rendition of Flo's "Twale" by a guy whose face I can't even remember but whose voice is stuck in my head!

I know I've been saying "there was something" and I haven't exactly explained what "something" is, but there really isn't much to tell. Think of it as me going on one of the rides in Wonderland (Amusement park) and trying to explain to you how it felt. You would need to take this ride to know what this "something" is. But, I could sum it a little bit. It was really great to have so many young adults that are on the same heaven-bound-boat, hear their experiences both the good and not-so-pleasant ones and how they dealt with them, have a whole weekend isolated for just Godly reflection without life's regular distractions, make new friends from other regions, and just "we're all in this together kinda motivation". It was really awesome! Not only did I learn a few things to take back to my life, I felt really bad for not inviting more people and for even thinking it wouldn't be worth the 8 hour Drive!

I give God all the glory for the anointed men of God he used and the boldness I've received to speak on His things . Oh and like we learnt, I pray to God for the packaging of my own G.R.A person- Good looking, Rich and Anointed. Yes we also love good things too!

 Since live it loud2014 isn't till next year, try going for other churches' youth conferences or programs.

#Liveitloud2013 was amazing, see you in British Colombia for the Live it loud 2014 edition!


  1. I feel you girl! I keep trying to explain it to the young adults that didn't come but I just can't find the words...I would never recover from this! Let's spread the fire! God is doing a great work and I am so thankful to our majestic King.


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