Yes you.  Blink.
Someone just died.
Blink again, yes you again.
Another person just died.
Actually a few people just died and more will still die.
Guess what?
You too will die.
Oh it's getting creepy and you're about to close this tab.
But you'll soon die too.
Today, tomorrow, in a decade, a century... or however long you make it till.
But you will die eventually.
You know what's even more saddening?
They'll mourn you for two seconds and forget you.
Two seconds might be an hour of crying, or a week of hunger, or year without a replacement wife.
But they'll mourn you for two seconds and forget you.
And the following year they'll remember you.
If you were anything fancy, they'll be quiet for a moment to say that your life was that short. Or that that's how long they can spend thinking of you before the sad thoughts of you mess up their busy lives.
But that will happen.
As quickly as you blinked you'll be forgotten.
Sorry about that.


  1. Quite Dark Fopsy Dee....oh so very dark

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hey Anon!

  4. I quite liked this, kinda true I guess :/ :)-Opeyemi


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