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Last time I wrote a piece on anything godly, I was referencing someone that performed at a Christian event and then went on to promote free alcohol for a party less than 7 days after. It was convenient. He fit into my story just perfectly. But guess who has sinned so many times after that write-up? That's right, it was yours sincerely.

After the verdict on the Zimmerman case came, I just sat down to reflect on it and my life. I wondered about Travyon Martin's life and whether or not he was a believer. His death meant he got the easy way out of this life and as terrible a choice as it was, there is still a possibility he just went from the proverbial frying pan into the fire! If this guy wasn't a Christian he pretty much died in vain, went to hell and even his killer went free. 
I am still alive, I am seeing chaos unfold on the web and on CNN, but most of all I am wondering how many times I have been delivered from sin and still crawled back to embrace it and bask in its ever-alluring aura. How possible is it that after committing sin I miss a red light as I drive and then I crash and I can't make it to the hospital on time? Or maybe I just fall and hit my head and I go from there. How can I ever defend all the numerous misused opportunities that God's mercies keeps bringing to me? How would my life have ended if young Travyon Martin and I switched places and it was right after I sinned? Obvious answer eh?
I will now retreat into a corner, thank God for life, and really ask for grace to work out my salvation.
- Shay-ee


  1. So almost a year later, I realize that the link to the last piece was only visible to members of that! So here is what the old post was:

    Okay so I am not a preacher or a Pastor but I feel I have a message to tell someone so I'll go ahead and post some of it on here anyway.
    I went to Nigeria recently because I found myself in a very terrible situation and when I was fasting and praying there I made a vow to God that if He delivered me from the huge mess that I will come back to Canada, testify, and then proceed to preach to whoever was around me that I could reach out to starting from RCCG Living Spring Parish. So just bear with me.
    I hope that people will get the message I am trying to pass across and should someone 'try' and judge me I would like to remind them that I have settled my past with God and all judgers won't be going where I am destined to go!
    I was at church today and in Sunday School we talked about Sanctification and now Jesus 'suffered without the gate' so he might sanctify people (us) with His own blood (Hebrews 13:12). We also talked about making peace with all men without which no man shall see God (Hebrews 12:14) and by time we got to 2 Timothy 2:21 I realized that 'we' cannot really become a "vessel unto honor" until we have been sanctified.
    So in essence, until you have been sanctified (by the Word, by the Blood of Jesus, by getting a heart surgery and getting a heart of flesh to replace your current heart) it will be hard to live a holy life. You will not be a vessel unto honor and thus, you will not manifest the fruits of the spirit (Romans 6:22, Galatians 5:22-23).
    Out of all this, I deduced that 'sanctification' is a gradual process and it looks like one of 'those things' that should be worked with fear and trembling at any given point in time (Phillipians 2:12).
    Many people take it upon themselves to be in church (and to even operate as workers in the church too self) but within themselves they are aware that something smells fishy about everything they do that church people cannot see. There are so many things people take for granted and it is a miracle that some people's parents' prayers are the only things interceding between them and destruction. I know of a fellow Nigerian who can sing and 'feel the spirit move' today and by night time this brother will be liking pictures of hot girls on Instagram and promoting ungodly parties. (Maybe he doesn't know that some of us can see his antics on our facebook TL but oh well maybe he will 'preach' to them later).
    What stops me from thinking that this brother is not going on stage to sing to God so he will have plenty Ps set for this upcoming party?
    If you cannot be seen as a vessel unto honor then all your singing, instrument playing, ushering, everything is all done in vain. And IF everything is in vain I guess you are not making that Heaven you are striving so hard for.
    Sanctification is progressive and if one cannot work it out with trembling and salvation it is only a matter of time before you backslide properly and every thing you've secretly been chasing after will take center stage in your life. Always remember to (literally) put God first in everything that you do. Every way that is not in line with God's way for us as christians will eventually lead to death (Proverbs 14:12)


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