10 Day Blogging Challenge + Social Network Ish

Hey Guys!

I found this blogging challenge on hunterswritings.wordpress.com. It has technically passed, but I'm doing it anyway. Being 'forced' to write, in the past, has worked both for and against my writing self. But this time, I'm excited about it. I think it'll help me to (finally) get onto my holiday blogging plan- which was the vague old "blog more".

Hope you guys are having a lovely holiday season?! Like salvation wasn't enough of a gift, He had to give us days off school and work too! Thank you Jesus!

The other thing is that I have a twitter account for my blog to get more people to see what I post (using the hashtag feature). It also makes it easy to follow other bloggers, and creates more room for some  feedback.  So yeah it's @4pceesblogspot, please check it out and follow me!Thanks!

Also, I'm part of the brains behind a Facebook page that encourages creative writing. You know how there are a gazillion pages encouraging make up artists and  fashion bloggers? Yeah. So we figured we'd make one to show off creative writing. As time goes on, we might expand to include other creative works or other things in general. But for now this is who we are, please like us on Facebook:  The Creative Mind. And if you have suggestions for good write-ups we could post, please e-mail us at thecreativemindTCM@gmail.com.

Thank you for your amazing support!

Merry Christmas in arrears!

P.S: Don't be like me, don't overeat simply because there's lots of good food around!


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