Day 2 Should have been my take a break day...

It should have been my take a break day, but my mind doesn't take breaks. Like never. Not even during exams, when all my attention should be focused on recalling all things I've read. So here's a story I thought of on my super long bus ride to Bayshore:

I was two months into my resolution to take the stairs no matter how high the floor I was headed was.
On my son's first birthday, I'd taken the extra moments to look pretty since I knew the day would be photo filled. While deciding what dress was mumily yet sexy enough for the day I realized how far I still was from my pre-pregnancy body. And so I decided to get active all around. My occasional gym visits weren't yielding quick enough results, so I added the stairs and this thing called "clean-eating".

Today wasn't any different from all other Saturdays, my son and I were going grocery shopping and he wanted to sit on my shoulders. I thought more of it as weighted cardio than risky behaviour since it was something we'd done before. Plus we lived on the third floor, so it wasn’t a long trip down. Somewhere between focusing on keeping him balanced on my shoulders and teaching him to say "ma-ma" I missed the snow puddle on the step and slipped.


I got lazy and didn't finish it. I'll finish it tomorrow. I'm sorry :( . I wrote it early this morning and thought I'd finish. Well it's 12:06am, so technically it's day 3. But whatever, I’ll finish it on Day 3(today)... or Day 4 at worst.


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