Day 5- Show off 3 of your best blog posts

Day 4 did not apply to me, so I skipped it. Day 5 was new years day (which is a pubic holiday) so here I am with Day 5 on Day 6.

Day 5 was a bit hard! I couldn't decide which three were my best by how popular they were. So I'm going with the three I had the most fun writing, which also turned out to be quite popular.

1) Blink -  Blink was a rant-like poem. The technical term would be "Freestyle". I really like writing unconstrained by form or rhyming patterns. It was inspired by a loss, a loved one's loss, not mine. From the lyrics of the poem, you can probably tell what it's about. I'm young enough not to have lost anyone really close to me, so this was my first real encounter with death. It made me think about my own looming death and how powerless I am to it. Enough of that already, please check it out here.

2) Hey Lil Troublemaker - I loved writing this blogpost! It's the quickest blogpost I've ever written and it was so fun to write, like amusing yourself with your own writing!Anyone know the feeling? Yea? Nay? Alright, check it out already: Hey Lil Troublemaker.

3) Love is blind - There's blink, there's my eye-art idea that I never got to doing, and just the other day I was going to post another blogpost titled "Love is Blind" before I realized I already had this one with the same title. I think I might be slightly obsessed with the eyes. This post was the last of a three part story that I also had fun writing. All three were fun to write, and you can check out the first two at the bottom of this third post. I think you'll love them all!

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