I've been doodling, I've been doodling

If you didn't sing that title in Beyonce's "I've been drinking, I've been drinking" voice you need to go back and fix that. Like right now. Lol.

 Have you? Alright then.

You know how on some days you want to just share your issues. Like, ranting with no purpose other than to talk to someone without holding back. Not because you want their advice or their judgement. Not because you need a friend or sympathy of some sort...you just want to talk. Turns out many people don't get this. Everyone's so eager to be the hero, save the day, give you that life changing piece of advice. And you're just there like urgh, just shut up and listen.
Anyway, I think that’s why I want to be a shrink, one of the reasons why. In the absence of suitable humans, I've been doodling. Lol! I'm just going to take the liberty to call it art. You might disagree, but when I use the "hang in gallery" feature on art pad, it looks as gorgeous as regular art work.

Less rants, more pictures. See them:

How I did it- orange bed

How I did it- Queen Fopsy (that's supposed to be me..lol) 

How I made it - It don gorra make sense

How I made it- Grandma Fopsy


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