Googling God

I saw this article on going to God via Google and normally it would have sounded like a bad Sunday joke aimed at engaging the younger church crowd, but today it sort of hit home...hard.

The part where it asks whether or not we actually believe in an omniscient (and I’ll add omnipotent) God or whether we just profess it. It’s almost sounds like a rhetorical question when you’ve grown up or gotten so used to hearing Him being called these names. 

But final year is hard. It's hard because professors are becoming increasingly difficult to please, as though G.P.As were no longer important. They come to class and say, “oh the class average is pretty high, it's about 71%, it's about 76%” as though that's what we cared about. In reality, the whole class is bunched up in the 70s and what good is that to anyone. So with school choosing her own path, and the future looking just as crooked; I've done some really strange things. I've gone on to Google to ask her what to do with my life. And of course when you Google things of this nature, you get answers from Yahoo answers and from Wiki answers and from all these things that are great when you're stuck on a homework question, but good for nothing else. 

So I learnt, I learnt to stop Googling those exact words. I modified my search to something like "what to do if you want a fun job", which is not a bad thing to do if fun is your purpose in life. Then after a few too many failed attempts at Googling my future, I figured I'd browse through LinkedIn and see what all the fancy people I encountered were doing with their lives or had done with their lives. And then I finally stopped.

I think where I'm headed is, it's so easy to want to be in control of everything, and when the future seems so hazy, it poses a real threat to this control. But if I knew exactly how God was going to set up my life, where would trust come and where would faith go?

So I guess trusting God is a process and it's taking much longer than I thought it would. But I trust God and his ability to do all things in his time. I’ll keep praying, working and being more sensitive to His leading. Hey Google, you were made by man who was made by God, so I'm going right back to the source. I trust you, God.


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