Me, my mindless mind, and I.

It's interesting to experience how trainable the mind is. 
You know you hear all these things about not knowing how strong you are until being strong is the only option there is.
Yeah, where was I going with that? I can't remember.
I've spent the past 10weeks trying to figure out if I can figure out whether the mind is the brain, the brain is the mind, the mind and brain are one, the mind is a product of the brain, the mind is an organization board for the brain and a few other mind-brain twisted relationships. No I don't just sit around doing that, it's for a class I'm taking (I'm a psychology student).
But yeah tonight I'm staring at my laptop and thinking I have to write something before I go to bed that's not a cheesy love story. Because I don't think I could think up anything that wouldn't be a dub of a Bella-Naija love story. 
So yeah it's amazing what the mind can do if you would just train it to.
With food, it's been realizing boredom isn't hunger.
Then I found out you could decide to just eat chocolate and watch movies and design a birthday cake for next year just because. And for the hours of doing this, nothing else comes into mind, well except the perfect blends of all things sugary, creamy, chocolatey and cakey. 
And that you could smile at your computer when there's really nothing funny going on, and then you get happy because you're smiling. 
Turns out you can also decide whether or not you'll let your past be a participant of today's decisions or if you're going to just fly free.
This feels like a whole lot of blabbing. I should write something that makes me go "aha!" before I go to bed tonight....or not.

Bedtime it is. Have a good evening world :) 


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