Updates and Blogiversary!

Hey guys!

I officially have one semester left till the end of undergrad. It's so exciting! There's the realization that life really is happening. Not that it hasn't been happening all this while, but the parts of my life that I am really accountable for are about to begin. Ehm, that explanation doesn't really help. What I'm trying to say is, before now, I pretty much had to go to a preselected high school, then I moved to a country selected by my parents, my university and initial program studied even weren't entirely my decisions! So yeah, now I'm becoming more actively involved in the path my life will take. Lol strike that. I'm fighting to choose how my life goes. There's still the fear from family and friends on what life path is most secure (financially) and there's the reality that so many people end up loving jobs they never really thought they'd want.

Anyway, I  have been hooked to this really awesome show. It's great because I've been looking for things to fill my time during the holiday and the random chunks of time in my day (my 70-80 minute commute to and fro school daily). The other day I realized that I'm already half-way through this year of my life and it doesn't feel like I've done anything uber awesome with this age...lol. So I'm trying to be more intentional about things I'm doing. I think it's my knowledge acquisition year, I've been very excited about meeting and being mentored by people and things that motivate me. In some ways, it wasn't really me who did the choosing, God just kind of shoved these people and things along my way and now we're inseparable. But that has always been my prayer, that God would have His way in my life, regardless of what I think I want.

It's Christmas day and that means it's time top again throwback to my love story post from two years ago! Wow, I've had this blog for two years and three days. I'm grateful for all the lovely constructive comments and compliments I've received. I'm still amazed when strangers take the time to say something nice about my written muses! I get that friends feel a tiny bit of an obligation to be nice to me, but the strangers who have nothing to gain, and do it all the same! It  never ceases to amaze me! Thank you! So to everyone who has scrolled through my blog, liked a post, shared one, who has secretly loved it, I'd like to say thank you! You have a special place in my heart, thank you

This is me sorta kinda curtseying to show how grateful I am! Merry Christmas!


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