You owe it to someone to shave? What...?

The other day, I saw a bikini model and realized that when I get married, I sort of owe it to someone to shave. What does that even mean? Well marriage involves sex, sex involves attractive nakedness, and that kind of involves presenting the best version of your naked self, and in today's world, that involves regular hair removal. Wonk. Wonk. Wonk :'( . For people who can't bear the tape hair removing method (I think regular humans call it waxing), who get tired of rinsing the shaving stick hundred times from having just allowed a full on bush to blossom, who end up with scratches and cuts and uneven hair patches, this must sound like torture. I can't imagine having to shave very regularly -_-.
On one hand, I'm not a radical who will wait till she has plaitable hair, but I'm no silky-skinned arm model either #teamEsau.  Well there's the electric shaving thing though, and there's the hair removal and that stench of it! Still doesn't sound exciting.

Also fitting to this mini-rant, I bought fancy shmancy body things today. They included: body shampoo, one liquid that's too thin to be lotion, but which smells delicious and is meant to be rubbed on the skin, a very thick butter that is supposed to do the job of Shea butter but with a better smell, , grapefruit oil, something-sea oil, argan oil and others whose names I can't remember. It started out as a quest to get nice smelling thin oils for my hair because I was done with the greasy feel and unpleasant smell of olive oil, but those sweet talking store attendants had me leaving their store with the "amazing deals of the day"...urgh, never again...hopefully.  But everything smells really good though! So good I had to text someone to tell her that, I was like "can this be life, there's no guarantee that anyone would even smell all this awesomeness on me". But anyway, I'm still loving them.

Hope you guys had a lovely Christmas and are looking forward to the new year?

Stay safe and do Jesus-glorifying things o...#youcanovercome


PS: I want to start calling myself "Mo" It's the first part of my name, it's short and easy to pronounce, and won't have me saying "Fope as in Hope with an F". But this blog say's 4pceez.blogspot well I can always change that. Just thought you guys would like to know about the not-so-name-change.



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