The Ontario Christian and 2015 sex-ed changes

I don’t know if it’s too many classes in sociology of religion, human sexuality, and the likes of these that have made my opinions significantly different from friends with whom I share other opinions. But since I am yet to find a ground comfortable enough for my Jesus loving self and freedom of expression celebrating side to stand, I write.

One of our pastors was /is pretty furious at the recent changes to Ontario’s sex education laws. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, let’s take a moment to update you. When it finally loads, please scroll down to view the juice of it.

Now that you get the idea, my question to my friends has been what makes this wrong from a non-Christian POV? Given that the entire population is not Christian, why would you expect the laws not to favor the non-Christians as well? If you absolutely detest homosexuality as a religious command and have a religious responsibility to train up your child in the way of God, I expect that you would teach your children just that.  But hopefully, you’d teach them about diversity too, and tolerance that makes the world go round.  That God, who loves a heterosexual, also loves a homosexual (and all the others in between).

What I’ve heard is that teaching that homosexuality is okay is planting an evil seed in children. Hmm, I beg to differ.  Babies, tiny little month old babies, touch their penises! I’m not making that up, see here and here or observe your baby while you change his diapers or bathe him. Why? Because it’s pleasurable and they just do what is pleasurable without being coached to do so.  We’re not born blank slates, we know to avoid danger and seek pleasure and fortunately, homosexuality isn’t pleasurable to all of us. Why fortunately? I don’t know. Perhaps because we need heterosexuals to continue the human race and not recreate Sodom? Which brings me to my next point. I’ve also asked why in itself heterosexuality is wrong and I’ve gotten “because it’s not good for population growth”. Guess what else is bad for population growth? Women in the workforce, contraceptives, university education (which delays first marriage age and leads to decreased fertile years) are bad news too. So where’s the attack on all these?

I read Romans 1 to understand what might be going on with my mind, and I’m honestly praying for clarity. Since homosexuality wasn’t this much of a hot topic in Jesus’ time. I’ll use the woman with five husbands’ case. I guess I would say Jesus didn’t go on and say, “I get it girl, sex must be hotter with 5 plus men, that’s why you’ve been bed-hopping”. So he didn’t condone her sin. Neither am I asking that homosexuality be seen as any less of a sin than it is. I think my thought is that, it does not affect you as a Christian if you’re doing your job well in this area (teaching your kids about God’s way and renewing your mind with the word of God). But I guess we aren’t commanded to just be better Christians, but to affect the lives around us.  

But as a Christian how should this affect my approach to these “controversial laws” and my interest in teaching sex ed…. to Christians, and non-Christians, and my new interests in hoping everyone is having “optimal sex”. As a practicing Christian, is my logic of ‘condoms > abortions/ deaths from messed up abortions’ flawed? Also, is my belief in the harmlessness of knowing about homosexuality and the negative effects of sexting (via sex education), the beginning of a weakened conscience?

Many questions! Let's make this a  conversation, shall we?


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