Ideas dancing in my head

Hey guys!

Feels like it's been too long since I last blogged. So hello! How have you guys been?

While I was away, a few ideas danced around in my head, and I danced back with some of them, got to know them better and we've sorta become friends. One of them was fashion related. And if you know me you're probably going: "huh? Fope, you hopped on that train too?". I wouldn't consider myself a highly fashionable person, I try though. Once in awhile I have seasonal 'themes'. Like last summer, I was feeling very 90ish. You know, shoulder pads, retro glasses, poofy afros, bold colours, patterns and red lipsticks... you get the gist. Three summers ago (or however many summers ago 2012 is), I was a 'girly girl', all fancy summer dresses and all. If you're wondering what I do in the winter, I'm always on energy saving mode- that includes using the least possible amount of energy to get the anything done, which goes for dressing too.

So why am I writing about fashion? It's because I've been following it pretty closely these days and I'm liking what I see on Instagram. So now I'm following bloggers, designers, and keeping up with fashion week! I've found some really talented designers here in the western world, but I'm loving what I'm seeing in Nigeria and Ghana, and a few others from African countries. Once in a while, I really love their Instagram feed and I want to proceed to their website to order(or at least window shop some more), but the website is either really 'unkept', less appealing than their social media pages, non existent, or just meh. So I started wondering if there's the equivalent of ASOS for these smaller scale designers.

I looked a bit and found KISUA, MyAsho, and fashpa.

  They're slightly different from what I have in mind, but even that (the idea in my head) is not completely formed. It has to do with fashion, it might include retailing, that's all I know for now. If you've been wondering about anything like this and want to rub minds with someone, I'm very much interested in hearing from you! Please say hello in the comment session, or if you want to be super private, you could email me.

I promise I'm nice!

P.S: I'm going back to being Fopsy, at least on the blog. I feel like I'm lying about my identity being called Still,  call me whatever you remember... Fope, Fopsy, Mo, Mofope. For best results use Fope :)

Until next time!



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