Staying in my lane!


So someone asked me if I still had this blog this past month and I believe that's a bad sign...haha. Let's just say I write sometimes and other times, I don't.

Today, I feel like writing about staying in my lane.  I don't even know if that's what I'll end up writing about.  Life is getting weirder. Undegrad is done, a.k.a., the comfort of kind of knowing what's happening next year with my life is gone. People are vanishing. Not quite literally, but they are. Everyone's on Instagram and Snapchat, and in church, and in school, and around, but they're not really 'here'. We're there with each other, but we're not together. It turns out intentionally booking appointments to meet up with people is what’s helping to maintain sanity.  I miss having eleven roommates in high school (and no it wasn't cramped).  It was great, we had fun; something interesting was always happening. From my life and bits of ... ehm let's call them informal focus groups, I know that I'm not alone on the realization that circles are shrinking.

Anyway, what I was itching to say about staying in my lane, is that, I am learning to be be content in every season. Maybe not just seasons, but the life path I’ve chosen, the amount I've got in the bank, the presence of a boyfriend or the absence thereof, the extra year of school, the Jane, Jack and Jill that seem to have all of life figured out and who may make my achievements feel inferior ... e.t.c.  You know? It's that kind of thing.  Contentment is so crucial. I'd hope for it not to be the kind of contentment that acts as an obstacle to making progress with life, but that it would be the kind that let's happiness be possible. The kind that prevents becoming depressed by focusing on everything that could be that isn't. Regardless of whether or not everyone seems to be having such speedy movements in their lanes, you've got to remember whose race it is that you're running. 

Me, 'sitting by my lane'. Sometimes, pausing to refuel/re-strategize is necessary. 

Sometimes, discomfort in a phase of life might be a sign that one needs to change something, but it could also just be comparison being the thief of joy. That should have been the title of this post, "Comparison: The thief of joy". But hey, staying in my lane works too. I read this somewhere and loved it: “stay in your lane, there's no traffic there”. Meaning, you get to take life at your own pace when you are not constantly doing things because others around you are, because of the pressure, because of the 'what if I don't measure up' feelings. Then again, while focusing  on staying in your own lane, you can’t be oblivious to opportunities around. That's where prayerfully tabling it all out comes to play. My 'verse of the season' is fitting to end this heartfelt rant, it's from Psalm 32 verse 8. It goes: [God] will instruct you in the way you should go; ]He will counsel you with [His] loving eye on you.

Here's to being God-led!


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