I was sitting in my bed this morning and I imagined that I was already in grad school, far away from home. I was opening my door to receive a bouquet delivery from my anonymous lover. It was the second week of non-stop daily flowers, and the initial giddiness was giving way to slight panic at the possibility that I might have a stalker. It's probably the Nigerian in me. One does not simply forget that the village enemies may still be "on top your matter" aka, interested in disturbing your life. So I text the friend that I always text when things get weird in my life. Bless your heart B for always listening to my tales! She texts me back instantly saying I need to live in the moment and enjoy my flowers, as I was probably being courted old school style. "Girl, the  chase is on! Enjoy it!", she said.  As amused as I wanted to be, the sender was still anonymous, and the over-thinker in me was repeatedly doing drills of all the 'potential baes' I had fantasized about in my entire career at Singlehood Inc.


Flash-forward to week 12, the flowers stopped. I had gotten a letter with the last bouquet saying that he honestly wanted to continue sending the flowers, but that they were becoming financially draining, and so in their place, he would send me letters...wait for it... everyday! You hit the Jackpot on this one, I thought to myself! Plus now, I would finally get some insight into the head of anon and maybe even figure out who he is. So in came the letters, and well,  the bouquets made weekly appearances. I kept thinking, "I don't know who this dude is, but he's sweeping me off my feet with consistency! "His letters were plainly declarations of love, without many hints at who he was except that he kept close tabs on me, likely knew me in person.  Realizing how much I had begun to look forward to the mail from him, and the pseudo-relationship we were forming, I knew I had to pray seriously about it. It was time to either uproot the growing feelings for anon or pray that God would hurry him to reveal himself.

So I posted a picture collage of flowers from him on Instagram, with an indirect call to action for anon; basically, over-sharing in the hopes that anon would see it and decide to be more direct with his chase. At first, I wasn't sure whether or not it worked, because I didn't receive any letters in the week that followed. But exactly a week after my post, I heard a knock on my door and excitedly thought it was the resumption of exciting deliveries. However, it was just my friend. I was happy to see him and all, but it was like getting a hug on Boxing Day; it's nice, but where's my present, right? As I was trying to compose my face not to show my disappointment, he spoke up and said "hi M.L", I could have passed out at that moment. M.L was short for "My Love" as he had explained in his first letter. My goodness, it worked! So this was him trying to break out of the friend-zone? He had been such an amazing friend, brother-like even that I knew he'd be an astounding lover!

Then my hunger pangs came in full force and I was jolted back to reality... a girl can surely dream.


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