Did you know that I really wanted to be a sexologist?

Did you know that I really wanted to be a sexologist? I haven't got the fine-prints of this career path jotted down yet, but I definitely still have it tightly held in my left palm. I took two classes (90hours) on human sexuality, did my weekly readings religiously, researched whatever got me curious and got so excited (no pun intended) about the content that I figured I had to calm down to see if the interest persisted past the courses I took, before I committed to it.  It did, but I decided to explore it in a different capacity (at least for now). So the dream is still very much alive.

A little part of me knows that although it's been decades since Masters' and Johnson's  ground breaking work on human sexuality, my experience would still be very much like theirs.  We might pride ourselves in being those born into sexual revolution, but still, we're very much prudish in our discussions (or lack of discussions) around sex. The word "sex" itself is still masked in so many layers of clothing that you'd think the masks were benefiting us. I think we think that not talking about sex means it will go away. Will it? It'll just aid the plummeting of avoidable mistakes, allow ignorance to thrive, and cause immense silent suffering. If that last bit sounds off, it's probably because you don't realize how much stress we put on ourselves because of the things we assume to be "true", "normal" or "necessary" regarding sexual situations. Put simply, silence is not sexy.

Now, if Masters and Johnson got the type of hell that they did, I don't know what to expect trying to approach this from a Christian perspective. I don't think I need to add Christian to everything I do (i.e Christian blogger, Christian  counsellor, Christian human...), for the same reasons I don't need to add my gender to anything. It's a given, it's not just an adjective that describes me, it's part of who I am. So it'll be reflected in everything I do, it wouldn't make sense if it didn't.

So, I'll be taking the plunge on this one and see how it goes. I'll write on things that interest me and on conversations that need to be started and all else in between.

As always, I'm evolving and you'll see a reflection of that on here! This a "watch this space" alert!


  1. I think it all stems down to the idea of nakedness. There's a certain stigma that surrounds nudity and everything that's related to it. Not saying people should stroll around naked but it shouldn't be such a foreign concept as it seems to be right now. That kind of attitude only breeds ignorance and, like several scientific notions, there's so much to be studied and taught about nudity and sex. If only people were that curious.

    1. You're so right on that! I've read about cultures where nakedness is the norm and things are different when open conversations can be had about these things. And this transfers to the nicknames we give to the sexual organs. It is as if merely naming body parts correctly is tabooed!
      Thanks for commenting! I can't wait to delve further into this topic some :)


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