What's New with Fopsy?

It's not like I plan to post new blogposts on Tuesdays, Tuesday just happens to be the day that I don't plan much for. So here I am, on another Tuesday afternoon.

Since my blog got a new look last week, I've been playing around with its structure. I've been trying to re-categorize posts to figure out exactly what the blog is about. I really want it to be about one thing, but there's no single thing that keeps me up at night- there are however a few things I love. I know that once I'm comfortable, I could talk about a topic forever. I also love sharing new knowledge! Oh and food and travel are my boos! Jesus is king in my life and I'm learning to love Him more, so I sometimes share about that.

Anyway, if you clicked on this post, you're probably looking to really learn what is new with me. I'm travelling to Nigeria for almost three months. I'm kind of excited. I was very excited, but there were so many killjoys reminding me of the sketchy security, the less than amazing internet speed and a few other things. But I keep thinking of how crucial this time is for me, it is likely to be the last time I'll be able to go off by myself for so long without any significant opportunity costs. So I'm pretty bent on having a blast!

I'm getting back to school in January in a field I'm not very familiar with, so fear is trying to creep in. But with how much practice I've had with worry, fear and anxiety in the months since graduation, it's almost insulting that fear would even attempt to creep in. I'm certain that with God and adequate preparation- even having God alone, all will be well!

But at this very moment in my life what I've been doing is watching a lot of Youtube (mostly vlogs, but I'm also becoming a Jackie of many trades), I've been reading too (more of self-improvement-type books than fiction). And now, as I type, I realize I want to add some prayer-investments for my future to my to-do-list for this season.

I feel like this post deserves a picture or two, so here you go!
Recent picture of my siblings and I not being red-carpet appropriate...lol we never are appropriate! You should watch our Snacpchat show - "Fope's Fabulous Family"! The Fans think it's amazing!

Life vlogs on my snapcahat : @ fopsyyyy
Life Vlogs on my Snapchat: @fopsyyyy (no idea why there had to be that many y's... it's a mistake that I'm stuck with since we can't edit our usernames on snapchat)

Alright then, until next time! Have a splendid week!


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