Currently living on Youtube... come squat with me!

You know how in my last post I said I've been watching tons of Youtube videos? I've found Shirley B Eniang, GabeBabeTV and a few other awesome people. Maybe I'll update this list later.
Anyway, here's what I'm currently watching. It's such a fun video to watch, and you already know how I feel about sharing all the fun stuff I find. Plus her story is so similar to mine! I think you'll love it. Let it play while you're doing the dishes, folding the laundry, eating lunch...whatever. You'll thank me later ;)


EDIT: Updated list:

1) Meet Vicky Logan. She's fun and easy to love. I first wasn't sure how I felt about her because the first video I watched of her felt like she was uncomfortable being on Youtube. I remember thinking "so why are you on here if you don't want to be?". In retrospect, I think it might have been my mood that day because she's definitely awesome. I'm not going to try to get on her level make-up wise, but at least, I'll drool over her #MOTD occasionally. It surely doesn't hurt her my love for her that she's Christian and is a young and married person.  She does style/makeup videos and also Vlogs.
2) Shirley B Eniang. Shirley is Nigerian and Ghanian and lives in the U.K. I like her accent, her speech's pace, her obsession with white and I love her relatively minimalistic style. She doesn't have as many videos as I'd love, but I binge watched all I could find in two weeks.
3) Gabe and Babe TV. I like this style of vlogging for my 'house-chore and chill' moments. When I need to sort laundry or clean my room and need something nicer than music but not quite at T.V show to watch, I watch them. There's also naturalme4c (not pictured). She was my go-to-person when I had natural hair. She (natural me 4c) and her husband Ty also make hilarious videos... check them out! 

4) SisiYemmie : She's Nigerian and amazing and her life is fun to watch. Her blog was my first find. I think I love her because she's doing what I'd love to do with my life - chilling and blogging and get paid for it. 
5) Lynnjaphet: She's also Nigerian.  I can't remember why I followed her, but she has good content.  "Lynnjaphet" is her Instagram handle, that's what I call her in my head, so that's how I'm choosing to introduce her. On Youtube she's Tosin Alabi .
6) Chanel Boateng : A case of my friend (who also blogs) talked about her so much that I just had to check her out. Turns out she's a Youtube Natural. Plus she's my plus-size body confidence booster for the days when I'm more fat than in-between #TeamForecverChangingWeight.
7) Ndani Real Talk. Cornelia O' Dwyer (the show's host) has a face that helps me pick out my new hairstyles (she's the one with cornrows in the middle). I know it's silly, but that's the first reason I started lurking through her Instagram. Then I found a post about the show, watched the first episode of this show and I was am hooked.
So those are a few of my favourite Youtube people :) 


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