Shey you Understand?

I had a pretty eventful week! I've been in three states, I've commuted back and forth Ibadan and Modakeke for three days, and now I'm back in Lagos. It was fun and not really tiring, except the bumpy rides that I ranted about here. As for a fun discovery this week, let's just say I burn through data real real quick! It's probably because I live on my phone. For me, everything goes on Snapchat and I always have something to Google. I'm beginning to think of solutions to my surging phone bills. Maybe it's time to go sugar-daddy hunting, after all I'm in my sugar-baby prime and in the sugar daddy headquarters!
Absolutely loving Lagos weather! Even the rain knows to fall at night! How cool is that?
Potential Sugar daddies apply within...Ok, I'm just kidding.

Today, I had the strong urge to laugh in the middle of a serious conversation. I asked a simple question that I had anticipated would take less than  5minutes to answer. But thirty minutes in, the man was going on and on about his job position and his credentials not withholding the details of where he got the degrees too! It was a funny something o!

Every six words or so, he'd check that I was still listening by saying, "Shey you understand?", which is the Nigerian equivalent of the Canadian "You know, eh?" He did this so religiously that,  I started listening just for this phrase and boy was it amusing! I really wanted to laugh. But I remembered that right before this trip, one of my aunties told me to consider watering down my reactions to things, or at least change the timing of the reactions. Normally, I suck at hiding my true feelings. The way I'm set up, if my mouth behaves itself, best believe my face won't. But aunty's wise words helped me stifle my laughter today.

Honestly, if there's anywhere in the world where you don't want to offend people without reason, it's Nigeria. Our juju game is strong... very strong. Not that Jesus isn't stronger or anything, but I'd just rather not piss the wrong person off. 

That's where this is ending today.

Have a fabulous weekend!


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