Travel week is Upon us!

Somewhere between life happening and life happening, I forgot to post this on Monday. But I re-read it and thought it unfitting for the trash. So here you go!

Very unlike me, my bags are packed! Seeing as one of the stars on my crown is for excellence at procrastination, I definitely surprised myself on this one!

At this point, I've sort of run out of things to buy towards this trip. Or rather, my account has lost any interest in yielding funds to support my "necessary" purchases. The most expensive of these purchases was definitely my travel medication. Honestly, it wasn't so much the actual cost, as it was the opportunity cost of the money spent on drugs and vaccinations. I know I probably won't fall sick, but the way my body is set up, it'd be stupid to go unarmed, because when I do fall sick, I tend to see the "white light" before I eventually come back to earth. 

So I'm here in a walk in clinic waiting to receive a typhoid fever vaccine (never even knew there was such), and I never had typhoid when I lived in Nigeria. Malaria was my body's sickness of choice. But hey, better safe than sorry. 

I'm trying to create a concrete to-do list for when I get there because I know how comfortable I can get with lounging. So far, sewing is the only constant on that list. But as much as I want to perfect my sewing, I don't think I have enough interest to sustain me for three months. So I'll probably be adding on things here and there. Jill of all trades again, eh? Maybe. I'm even contemplating teaching in a school just to see if I like it. 

This will be my test run for whether or not I'll be "moving back" to Nigeria at some point in the near future. I've read many blogs on moving back. My conclusion is that I won't like Lagos. Like Toronto, I can already see it being overwhelmingly fast-paced. There's just way too much going on for my (it sounds odd to say) personality type. But I think that's pretty much it. Abuja is certainly more of my type. It's quiet, some big events happen there too, but it's not "the" happening place, so it's kind of like Ottawa. So here we go. I'm tempted to write through this 1-2 hour wait, but for your eyes’ sake, I'll stop. I'm hoping to vlog or blog about my experiences. On Snapchat it'll be "Fope's life in Lagos", so come join the party there (if I find amazing video-friendly internet everyday...Lol). 

This should be fun! But I shall let you know!

EDIT: See all the details of the trip under the tag "Naija Living"

 I leave you with Yagazie's Instagram page. And if it doesn't sound as silly as it feels to type, permit me to say, "Instagram goals" I don't even know what I like about it. Just the feel of it...Okay I'm about to go off on another topic, so now would be a great time to see myself out!

Till next time,


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