Week One in Lagos.

It has only been five days since I got Lagos, but my Snapchat friends will easily testify that they are barely swimming under the flood of posts from my Lagos living. Does anyone feel like attesting to this?

It’s so familiar yet unfamiliar. Everything is the same, except that it isn’t. I forgot for a moment (more like for half a decade) that I lived in one of the less-posh parts of Lagos (Ipaja) and that the “Instagram Lagos”, didn’t really extend to my side. Can you blame me? 

Let's talk about the flipping HORNS! My goodness! Have they always been so loud? For the first two days I jumped every time I heard one, because you really don’t use your horn in Canada except there is an emergency of sorts. Here, the horn seems to multitask as the signal (left/right signalling), as a means to call prospective passengers (a.k.a any pedestrian), to check your blind spot when changing lanes/ when entering or leaving a three-way street... basically anything. I'll have to get used to it.

In the meantime, you can follow my real time vlogs on Snapchat @fopsyyy. Maybe this will be the time to start a YouTube Chanel, I just worry about my consistency. I'm still too shy to whip out my camera in public. It's probably because I'm thinking what better way is there to stand out vividly in a place where I'm hoping to blend in?" If I overcome these fears, you'll get some HD pictures.  

Until then, enjoy the Snapchat screenshots.

Odabo ! (That's bye in Yoruba for "bye". Yoruba is one of the many Nigerian languages)


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