Life is so weird the way it is.

Life. It's short and unpredictable and weird, but still very full of good things.
So much can happen within a short period of time. Two months ago, I had one great-grandmother and two grandmothers. Today, I have one grandmother left. We kind of knew it was coming, but you're never fully prepared for deaths. Still, it's real and we are here planning two burials simultaneously. It's interesting. Well, not interesting, maybe weird is the word I meant to use.
Photo by Temi Coker via Instagram 

See, one of the main reasons I wanted to come home was to see my grandparents, because it felt like death was looming. But thanks to some twisted happenings, we didn't get to see. And here I am writing about life and it's weirdness. Just look at what has happened around the world in this month alone (Paris, Nigeria and Mali to name a few). You could literally be here one moment and not the other.
Since my first encounter with the death of a loved one, I already knew life was weirdly ephemeral but it doesn't ever get old. Each loss feels like a whole new experience.
The funny part is it won't stop; as long as you're still living, death and dying are a given. Maybe it's not really a funny realization, but I tend to laugh when I'm at my wit's end, and I can safely say I'm there right now.
Anyway, here's to you grandma and great grandma *insert raised glass*, you knew God, so we'll reunite in Heaven. I should have seen you more, but I didn't and that's on me. So to the friends and family that are still here I will have to stop being a stranger, so I don't have to write sweet nonsenses when you go. I will make time to celebrate with you on your big days, support your small businesses and activities with enthusiastic "atta girl" cheers and constructive criticism. When I can, I'll lend you money on your broke days, and order the breakup ice-cream tub when that  boyfriend messes up. We'll share the highs of amazing joy-filled moments in our walk with Jesus, and the lows of doubts, frustrations and shaky faith days. But be rest assured that we'll keep doing this weird life together. And if friends and family exist in heaven, we'll take things up from wherever we leave off here. Again, please raise your imaginary glasses to intentionally enjoying today and cherishing your loved ones!

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