Yours truly made it to the Island!

Yours truly made it to the Island this week! 
Well... it is quite posh. I don't know if it's the idea I have of it in my head that's making me look at it through rose-coloured glasses, or if the island really is more 'chilled' than the mainland. I think it's a little of both. So far, there have been no potholes on the roads, just weird highs and lows that must be because it's still Nigeria and road maintenance isn't a serious thing.
Let me list some similarities I've observed:
1) Traffic. Theirs might even be worse than ours is on the mainland.
2) People are still aggressive and oblivious to the rules of the road.
3) NEPA is still unreliable. 
4) Houses are still ridiculously massive and beautiful. I can't keep taking pictures, but really, our people know how to spend their money!
As for differences...
1) Things are more expensive here.  
2) All those things I saw on Instagram that I wanted to do in Lagos are here!!!
There's more to do here, and it feels like the Lagos I looked forward to visiting! I'm a very happy camper. 

I went to Nike Art Gallery.  I loved it all and wished I could buy everything! Frankly, things are priced to suit foreigners who don't have a clue what the local prices of things are. Then again, it's someone's work and the artists can charge whatever they think they're worth that; we'll come back when we can afford them.

My friend and I. She was much faster at understanding the works than I was. 

The work behind me needs to hang in my bedroom, somewhere above my headboard. Just remind me once I'm rich. 
This piece had shells, wood carvings, beads, and so many other mediums. We both tried to guess how much it would be worth, but decided whatever the price, it'd be out of our league.

Even the entrance was extra pretty.
Right before we left.
I got more pictures, but apparently photos aren't allowed except you're just posing with the works. It's a must visit in Lagos and it's free to get in! Four art-filled floors of everything from paintings to metal structures and mosaics with wood, beads and shells...urgh. I can't wait to be able to afford these things! 

Moving on! As a Frozen yoghurt lover, it only made sense to visit Sweet Kiwi. I went to the one at The Palms in Lekki and the customer service was amazing!  I was kind of expecting the Menchies Froyo experience, but they had less flavours and toppings and were surely more expensive. (We paid a little over N3000 ($20) for what you see on the scale below.) But we loved it, and the guys indulged me in my photo frenzy.

All in all, this week has been awesome. Last week had me trying to figure out how long I'd be sick-ish for. So, I'm happy for the good health I have regained.

In addition, I went to a youth group at my family friend's church and I feel jolted back into choosing to pursue purity. For a while now, I've been pondering on why exactly God cares that we be holy. Even though it was my first time there at this youth group, I felt like it was safe enough to pour out my mind. Well, the feeling of safety happened in stages; it helped that every single person shared. I thought, how bad can stripping be if everyone's already naked? It felt like an alcoholics anonymous for struggling humans seeking to live like Jesus. Pretty much how church should be: people with the same goal helping each other out. 

Anyway, I got answers there. Answers that I think I'll keep replaying in my mind till they become a part of me.  (If this blurb or the answers I got interest you, feel free to ask about it in the comments). 
Fun fact: I attend this same church denomination on the mainland, and they won't let us wear trousers to church. But here we are in a different branch in VGC and shorts and trousers are just fine!  Feels like we should sip some tea to that ... let's replace Kermit's tea with some Nigerian heat friendly zobo... lol. 

I could go on abut this week, which hasn't even ended, but I think I'll stop now.

Until next week !
Yours truly is enjoying the island life :)

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