You are Enough.

It may sound silly, but I've only now fully realized that just by virtue of being mine, my story counts. 
For someone who has a personal blog, a blog that isn't necessarily centered around her taste in fashion, or faith or some particular interest,  you'd think I would already know that my story has to count. People actually take the time to read it and some enjoy it.  Although, that's no measure of the validity of my story, it should have been a reminder that just being uniquely me is enough. But somehow it still takes grand revelations to bring this fact to consciousness.
Thinking of the books and blogs that have captured my heart in the last few months, I've realized that they've all been heavily-laced with personalities of the authors that make it feel like I know them. It's like they're telling me about something that's really important to them and why it is. And because I like what I'm hearing (or reading), because there's something in them I can identify with, we click. So I'm not really sure, why I didn't think there'd be people out there who would click the same way with me as I have done with these people.
I've felt this connection with creatives who aren't even writers. I follow the works of many photographers, artists and fashion designers, and there are distinctive attributes about them that stamp their works even before I see their logos. They are attributes that I have come to enjoy as their brand, so much that I rise to their defense when I see someone copying their exact style. You know how there's inspiration and there's just pure imitation. You can almost always tell which is which. All that's to say that as a person, you have a style that uniquely belongs you. And more often than not, it will work for you.
I guess the moral of the story and the encouragement for anyone who's feeling 'insufficient' is this: you've really got to do you, and believe that whatever your 'you' is, is enough. Own your uniqueness and believe it is (and will be) enough.  Whether that's being introverted in a world that's not very acknowledging of that personality type, or feeling like you need to be a little "deeper" in your way of reasoning, or that if your belly jiggled a little less, life would be a better place....whatever it is that makes you feel insufficient, you've got to learn to enjoy you just the way you are.

Did you get that last bit? Just. The. Way. You. Are.


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