This week has been beautiful. I’ve loved almost every minute of it. My hair experiments have turned out pretty well. My skin - despite the attention-seeking dark spots- has been fantastic too. If I'm being real, it has nothing to do with the happenings of the week. I've been in a really content place. It's the kind that comes with being at complete peace with God. Even before realizing that the dictionary defined contentment (word for word) as being "in a state of peaceful happiness", I knew it was exactly how I felt. I absolutely love it here and I'm fighting fervently to protect this space. 
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The biggest thing I'm coming to terms with this week is the idea that my unworthy little self is somehow meant to radiate God... to reflect him… somehow.
I guess I know what that's meant to mean. I get it, but at the same time, I don't. Why would God even think me worthy to have a part in His grand scheme of things? This isn't one of those 'come see what new knowledge I 've gained' posts. I'm right in the middle of my messy walk with God, I just happen to be reading and re-reading 2 Corinthians (in The Message translation) and this is the vibe I'm getting.
Today, I'm mostly sorry for policing people about their walks with God. I've been hypocritical and judgemental and all sorts of things I had no place being, so basically I'm eating my humble pie and asking that you scoot over so I can sit with you in the ‘screwed-up but determined to grow in God’ boat. 


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