Pause, Recalibrate.

In an earlier musing, I said that I thought my newly found contentment was the “the kind that came with being at complete peace with God.” And unlike Trump, I haven't changed my mind. But I wanted to know how to bottle this state of peaceful happiness for the days when it might be illogical to remain that happy. So I did some digging into my new habits and talked the One who knows it all, and here’s what I found:

I think discontentment with my life starts when I refuse to count my blessings. When I'm so focused on the part of my glass that is half empty that I ignore all that it has taken to fill this glass up to this point. I know my life in itself is such an underappreciated gift. I have good health, sound mind, a wealth of family and loving friends, and many other priceless gifts. Yet, all these sometimes seem very trifling in the light of unmet expectations.
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I now believe that remaining content looks like taking regular pauses to assess my mental space. It looks like daily protecting that peace with God by enjoying God-things. Staying here means, remembering that even the best of accountability partners have their own lives and that if God himself thought we’d need the HolySpirit as a helper it’s because we do.
It looks like journal-ling and referring to it on those less-than-amazing days. It means being sensitive to the HolySpirit's checks …and agreeing to be checked #disobedienceBeReal. 

It has sometimes looked like cleanses too. Some social media cleanses, food cleanses, and gym challenges, anything that calls my mind back to enjoying the present and being deliberate about what goes into my life. I might even begin scheduling these checks in my calendar, just so that "life happened", won't be an excuse.

It isn’t quite a formula, but this is what has been working for me so far.

I should add that sometimes, discontentment can be useful. It could be a signal that it is time for progress or some sort of change. But it should spur one to make that change; it shouldn’t just be a lasting state of mind that depresses and paralyzes. 

Have you got any tips for protecting your peace / staying content? Drop your nuggets of wisdom in the comments section.


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