Thoughts on Being Aliens on Earth and Entertainment-Related Filth

I now get why some Christians decide to do extreme things like refusing to own a T.V.
I'm watching this episode of Moments with Mo, and the topic is No Romance without Finance.
Urgh. So may things be hitting the wrong nerves.

I'm giving this thing a try where I completely substitute my music for Christian music. It's doable, I know. But I love Sunny Ade and a little Olamide here and there. I mean, I already know better than to accept the lyrics of the songs as the truth, but on some days I'm also embarrassed of what I'm listening to. I DJed for about15 minutes at a hangout  with my friends the other day, and when the pretty gross lyrics of Olamide and Phyno's "Ladi" came on, I was quite ashamed. The friends weren't even actively listening to the words of the song, but my own spirit condemned me.
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So what is it today that's got me ranting. So many things in the Youtube video would make sense if marriage were a worldly concept. But then, the presenters and guests go on to do weird things like quote the Bible saying, God designated man as the head of the family, but totally ignore the fact that this same God who speaks through His word also convicts us and leads us to sometimes do things that may make absolutely no sense to us.
If faith comes by hearing, it may follow that some things that quench your faith too, come by hearing. - Fopsy
If faith comes by hearing, it may follow that some things that quench your faith too, come by hearing. But I still love to be in the know about occurrences around me...therein lies the problem. Maybe I'll deliberately match / surpass time spent with stuff like this with things that are good for my spirit. Or maybe I'll grow to a stage where I'll trash non-edifying entertainment as a whole?   Well, I don't own a T.V, but cannot imagine scrapping all these my sources of entertainment just yet. I did delete Instagram off my phone for lack of space on my phone and to create a little space between myself and everyone's life highlights.
This is a rant, there's no moral for this story.
How do you feel about living in a world that you know you don't belong to? I was about to add, "that you also don't want to be awkward in" but I remember this sermon from John Piper where he pretty much said we are aliens here on earth and that's absolutely okay. I shall go talk to God about becoming more alien, but really, what are your thoughts?


  1. There are many things we don't feel awkward about for not being in the know (like geography, maths, sports), why can't certain entertainment streams be among the list? Also people are proud of who they are, what they love and believe in, inferiority (a.k.a. awkwardness) steps in when one is different but not proud of their differences. #Shoded #DareToBeDifferent

    1. Sigh, I've got to agree! #AlienandProud #Shoded

  2. So True what Shoded said. I do think its a process. The more you deliberately give more time to the Holy Spirit and listen to Him on "little" things about what not to wear and events to pass on, you become more sensitive. There comes a time when you could care less about what you are "missing out on", you don't even miss them and certainly don't care what people think.

    1. Thank you sister, I shall get some more practice with it :).


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