2017 in Review.

I had this idea to write what I'd like to have experienced by the end of 2017 now. They're not quite detailed goals for the year, but rather, some overall themes to hold myself to in the months to come. So here I am, actually sticking to one of the many things I've resolved to do this year: turning more ideas into actions.
I remember 2016 in two parts: the first was January to March - incredibly strange periods of my life, lots of acting out of character; then the other part was October to December - trying to stuff in a year's worth of personal achievements into the last few moments. I don't really remember much of the middle. So in 2017, there'll be a lot of this - writing. Not just in a journal tucked away somewhere safe, but here too, out in the world for the days when I can't remember the meaning of all the code messages I've embedded in my journal for secrecy sake (ironic right? I too cannot deal with myself sometimes). There'll also be detailing of "God-acts". I really want to keep a tally of all things - little or grand that I feel God doing in my life, so again more writing.
Lots of living each day to fullness, enjoying everything today has. Incessant worrying was 2015's major issue, thankfully I dropped most of it in 2016. 2017 is for shedding whatever is left of letting tomorrow's needs steal today's joys; ain't nobody got time for that no more
Self-discipline and persistence on a whole different level, so help me God.
Sharing everything I learn. I first thought, "this one should be easy". But then, there's this nagging fear of irrelevance that makes many would-be blog posts to decay as drafts. I'm already kicking that fear in the butt by being here. So hopefully, there'll be more of this and much more of whatever God will have me do :).
To you humans who actually click the link and read my blog, here's the warmest e-hug you've ever received and a big Thank you! Seriously, thanks guys!
Now, what things about your plans for 2017 excite you? Or what parts scare you? If it's not scary or exciting, what emotion might be best in describing how you feel about 2017? Share a comment- something, anything about 2017 you look forward to. 
Looking forward to hearing from you. 
- Fopsy!

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